Ol' Tin Cup
Habitat Restoration & Enhancement


Timber Stand Improvement, Habitat Consulting, Food Plot Planning and Establishment, Habitat Assessment, Hard and Soft Mast Trees plantings, Native Browse Enhancement, Trees Releasing, Herd Monitoring, Predator Management, Pond Restoration and Excavation, Removal of Invasive & Non-Productive Species, Hunting Strategies,
Trail Camera Placement, Tree Stand Placement, Posting, Property Maps, Neighborhood Co-ops, Seminars, Educational Events,
Filming Services,...Or put together into your very own Personal Property Plan and Layout!
Timber Stand Improvement
Food Plot Planning & Establishment
Habitat Assessment
Hard & Soft Mast Tree Plantings
Native Browse Enhancement
Hunting Strategies
Property Maps
Trail Camera Placement
Tree stand Placement
Pond Restoration & Excavation
Removal of Invasive & Non -productive Species
Educational Events

About Ol' Tin Cup

Ol’ Tin Cup is based in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Affordable costs and services to help move toward your properties max potential.

Have you ever wondered what your property could be? Or what you could do to make it more beneficial to all forms of wildlife?

Our goal at Ol’ Tin Cup is to take your property’s current status as well as your budget and help you to turn it into what you have always wanted it to be. We work not only with hunters but all land owners looking to maximize their property as an optimal habitat to benefit all types of wildlife and promote greater overall ecosystem health.  

*Veterans and military members will receive price reductions! As a Thank You for all you have done and given for our nation.*

Steps to the Ol' Tin Cup Process:

1.) Free Assessment: Discussion of Land Owner Goals, Objectives, And A Rough Budget.

2.) On Site Assessment: What are the Property’s assests, and what can be done to enhance.

3.) Organize Information: Sit down and discuss a detailed budget and plan ideas.

4.) Create A Management Plan: Layout A Management Plan.

5.) Put it all into Action.

What does a Property Plan include?

Topographical Maps
Soil Maps
Aerial Maps
Community Maps
Food and Cover Distributions
Management prescriptions
Potential Locations To Increase Food, Water, & Cover

Success Stories

About Ben Williams, Founder

- AAS in Natural Resource Conservation from FLCC 13'
- AAS in Fisheries and Wildlife Technology 14'
- QDMA Certified Level II Deer Steward
- Habitat Coordinator for GRST QDMA Branch
- New York Category 3A Pesticide Technician

"Healthier Habitats Healthier Wildlife a More Enjoyable Outdoor Experience." My passion is to help others maximize their properties, not only for their enjoyment, but also for the wildlife. I would love to talk to you about your property and potentially work with you to enhance your property.

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